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You have to wait a bit, but it's worth it. Goods in accordance with the description, very good conta ...
Apr 19, 2018
Opinia Przez BOGDAN KAFEL, 0 1 2 3 4
The phone arrived, carefully packed, after a long wait. But it was worth waiting. SUPER !!! Exactly ...
Apr 18, 2018
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If you need help, below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to achieve the best level of service. Click a question below to view the answer.

  • When you ship the goods, from where it is sent?

    Our offer is available on order-use the calendar icon on the tab of the product to meet the delivery time, look in the product details to find out from where it is sent

  • Why do I have to wait so long for the execution of the order?

    We are an importer of mobile phones from all over the world, we specialize in exotic, rarely available in Poland. Hence, to keep up to date, the best prices on the market, we order directly from trusted dealers.

  • Or the charger will fit my outlet?

    Regardless of whether the phone we import from Asia, the United States and England always add to it przejściowkę, compatible with European outlet.

  • Or sold the goods it has warranty and or expose him to an invoice?

    Our entire product range has a full manufacturer's warranty, complaint process is described on the product cards. Invoice in the case of equipment from EU-and purchased by customers from the EU is issued by us and includes VAT, in the case of equipment imported from outside the EU-by the provider and does not contain tax-it should dissipate on its own. If produtkt from the EU buys a person from outside the EU area, the tax also must be drained of their own.

  • Which means a warehouse level marked "on order, delivery time eg. 5-14 working days "?

    This means that the goods we bring for you, however, due to the fact that every day we update our offer we are sure that the goods will be brought within a reasonable period of time. It is mostly those 5-14 working days, for other goods 3-5 days, and for still others 14-60 days. It all depends on what country we need to bring it for you. From the moment of order/payment as many passes until you receive the goods.

  • My request vehicle hire has been rejected, although to get me to take credit for even greater in value than the ordered equipment.

    Unfortunately for the banks any mobile equipment, including laptops, mobile phones is a commodity ' high risk '. To take credit for the goods you need to have impeccable credit history, and a large "item" credit opportunities. Decisions taken by the lenders are independent of us, we can not influence. In the case of a negative decision attempt to obtain cash for your dream gear, should You easily get your bank.

  • I am a regular customer, I have placed on Member States already several orders. Can I count on a rebate for your next?

    Of course! Always look forward to when returns to us a satisfied customer, we are happy, we reward your interest in our offer by providing discount codes. Simply contact us via the contact form and enter the email address that was provided during registration of previous orders.

  • I wanted to buy the item XXX can you me sell it cheaper?

    Yes, but only if you buy more than 5 items of value (over $500) or you are a part of our regular customer (evaluate individually). Do not lower the price of equipment if you buy from us for the first time one piece goods.

  • How can I be sure that when you pay for the goods it actually get it? Can przyślecie me the proverbial "potato"?

    Our shop has hundreds of satisfied customers, part of the range you can order cash on delivery which minimizes the risk of State. We have signed contracts with a dozen wholesalers, credit system, the freight forwarder. Served on your site's registration data, so you can easily check in the appropriate offices. We also have hundreds of positive comments on the trustedshops or living painting wait pop. If Your are interested in hedging transactions through eBay or Amazon can leave an interesting Your goods by these sites. To do this, please contact us. The price of the goods will then be increased by a Commission auction sites

  • Do you ship overseas?

    So, shipping prices vary, depending on the country to which they are assigned-wachają from 40 PLN to 80zł for insured shipping courier or post.

  • I did go shopping without registration (sign up) now wants to again buy something, do I have to register again all the data?

    If you have purchased an item without creating an account, and now again you want something from us to buy, there is no need to once again enter all data. You can easily use the stored data to create the account. Just click the orange button "recover password" at the top of the page and enter your e-mail address, and the script will generate a password and automatically create your account! After you generate the password, it is sent to the specified email address. Just enter them when the system will ask you to sign in and you're done!

  • How much does a guarantee in the case of a product that does not occur in the Polish distribution?

    In the case of the first 12 months usually is necessary to send the device to the service of the manufacturer in the country of origin (Hong-Kong, USA, etc.), then the time of such warranty is ok. 6-12 weeks. If You dokupili an additional guarantee of this is already implemented in our national service. However, due to the need to import parts needed for repairs, the term may be indicative also ok. 5-8 weeks.

  • What is meant by the term "duration of the guarantee in the country of origin on the product?

    After the explanation we invite you to a short article- How is warranty and who provides it?