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Chinese new year is a celebration of that match hard to search in Europe. For an entire week of celebration, which in the year 2018 falls on February 15-21 the whole country literally stands-not courier, customs, you cannot send or receive anything. Although such celebration is our Christian civilization, as is done during many pagan rites it is is primarily a time of joy and rest.

So it is with our suppliers, private companies are even 2 weeks.

Please take this into consideration when ordering the goods coming in this time!

And for those who want to receive your phone immediately after the Chinese new year that is within. 26/02 we invite you to take advantage of our promotion on the occasion of the rest of our suppliers? For those who submit an order from 12 to 22 February 2018, we offer free shipping within the country! For those who wish to shipping abroad we offer the possibility to return the precious shipment.

We cordially invite you!
Orders placed from 12 to 21 will therefore carried out from 22/02/2018, for we need to 7 working days.