Order at Bludiode.com fully covers costs of:

  • - product price
  • - shipment costs
  • - shipment insurance costs

Bludiode.com is responsible for:

  • - accepting customer payment
  • - sending payment to the seller
  • - accomplishment of transaction between customer and seller

Seller is responsible for:

  • - sending the order
  • - order item

Costs visible on Bludiode.com do not cover:

  • - customs clearance costs that may appear

Bludiode.com is not responsible for:

  • - delays during customs clearance

Customer understand that additonal customs payments, delays during customs clearance or any other not related to Bludiode.com, Seller and shipping company are not reason to cancel the order or / and recieve refund.

Full terms and conditions are available in here:

Terms and Conditions