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The device we sell come from all over the world.

We, therefore, you felt like you bought anything from our store, as if it was a product from a nearby store. Our merchandise is always sent to You from the country and has a manufacturer's warranty that our store within the country. This means that even if the product comes from the market, for example. Hong-Kong and has a manufacturer's warranty in this country, is that will implement this guarantee for you completely free of charge!

Important: is not, therefore, guarantee hardware or does not offer warranty benefits. Is a MANUFACTURER of EQUIPMENT legally purchased by us in the country of origin, provides this guarantee. is only in your behalf guarantees provided by producena.


Purchased the phone does not occur in the offer of the Polish Distributor and, therefore, cannot be repaired in the Polish service. Normally if you were alone has purchased goods abroad was you with nothing because the service in Poland does not accept complaints or you would cover the cost of shipments between the continental + take care of customs service sent the shipment. makes it the only thing you need to do if you have a rare device purchased from us, return it to our office located in Polish!

The cost of shipments, contact in foreign service, customs clearance at the customs, collection letter for repair, verification of the correctness of carried out repair-we do it all for you!

The service keeps the device too long, over 2 months? We try to you has no longer your repaired device, and a completely new (the condition is to purchase access to the service plans with the purchase of a device)!

What is therefore the average processing time for such a claim?

Our experience shows that it may be a bit longer than in the case of a complaint in Polish service, it is because I know the average 6-12 weeks from the moment we receive your device. There are, however, also shorter and slightly longer to repair.

Long and short, it all depends on whether the device on which you are waiting is worth the wait, in most cases, however, considering how rare the devices we offer our customers, we believe that the time is not a firewall.

Find out how to take advantage of the possibility of a replacement which warranty is extended! (the condition is to purchase access to the service plans with the purchase of a device)