Huawei P50E (4G) 8GB + 256GB Blue

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Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual SimYes
Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

Huawei P50E product key vision

A new chapter , a new saga

The main selling point of Huawei P50E is a new aesthetic
aesthetic freshman
Vientiane dual-ring design, 6.5-inch ultra-clear primary color display⁠1 , 90
Hz high refresh rate⁠2 , IP68 dustproof and water - resistant⁠3
The main selling point of Huawei P50E is strong strength
strong strength
66 W Huawei wired super fast charge4 , stereo
dual speakers, 4100 mAh battery5
The main selling point of Huawei P50E is HarmonyOS 2
HarmonyOS 2
HarmonyOS 2 is based on the Hongmeng operating system,
providing a new personalized desktop,
cross-device interaction, smooth experience, privacy and security.
The main selling point of Huawei P50E is primary color video
Primary Color Dual Image Unit⁠ 6
Original color images, ultra-high-definition picture quality,
80x zoom range⁠7 , AIS Pro super anti-shake

The river of stars
turns like a dream

Huawei P50E Galaxy Blue

galaxy blue

Huawei P50E Dawn Pink

dawn powder

Huawei P50E Cocoa Tea Gold

Cocoa Gold

Huawei P50E snowy white

snowy white

Huawei P50E Yaojin Black

Luminous Black

Galaxy Blue uses anti-fingerprint frosted glass, which is not easy to be stained with fingerprints, such as the condensation
of stars under the deep night sky . Extract natural Vientiane colors, Dawn Pink, Cocoa Tea Gold, Snowy White and Yaojin Black, interpreting the pure true colors.

leaping fingertips

Huawei P50E feels light

Integrating a large-size screen and a large-capacity battery into a well-crafted and lightweight body, you can feel the ease at your fingertips.

In its true colors , exceptional

Huawei P50E 6.5-inch ultra-clear primary color display

The 6.5-inch screen⁠ 1 truly presents a colorful world with stunning natural textures. The screen supports 90 Hz refresh rate⁠2 and 300 Hz touch sampling rate⁠8 , and the smooth and smooth picture gives you a more immersive browsing experience.

Huawei P50E Professional Primary Color Display

Professional primary color display

Global color management, P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion color display.

Huawei P50E 90 Hz refresh rate

Fast and smooth experience

It supports up to 90 Hz screen refresh rate 2 and 300 Hz touch sampling rate 8 .

Huawei P50E 1440 Hz high frequency PWM dimming

Better Eye Protection in Low Light Environments⁠ 9

1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming ⁠ 10 , which can not only guarantee the picture quality, but also protect the eyes.

Huawei P50E IP68 dust and water resistance
*Images are for advertising purposes only.

very standard

IP68-rated dust- and water-resistant body⁠ 3 , standard protection for peace of mind. Whether encountering water splashes or flying dust surprises, it can handle large and small scenes with ease.

Primary Color Dual Image Unit

Huawei P50E primary color dual image unit

Forge the strength of light and shadow, and create a dual image unit.
The main camera unit integrates art into daily life; the
zoom unit makes both far and near wonderful.
The new XD Optics computational optics
break through the physical boundaries of optical systems.
The new-generation XD Fusion Pro image engine
restores more image details.

What you see is what you get , more vivid colors

Huawei P50E primary color image P3 wide color gamut debugging

Original color images, transporting what you see in front of you. A new generation of environmental spectrum acquisition system, P3 wide color gamut, 2000+ color adjustments, and a new primary color engine, which quadruples the precision of color calibration and increases the accuracy of the average hue by 20%, bringing a colorful world to life⁠ 11 .

Huawei P50E primary color video flower color
Huawei P50E primary color image cosmetic color

What you shoot is what you see, what you choose is what you love. Lipsticks and eye shadows with similar colors, gorgeous bouquets in full bloom, and primary color images can all be presented for you faithfully.

Large texture , extraordinary shot

Huawei P50E blockbuster texture ultra-clear photography
Huawei P50E large texture dark light environment shooting

Ultra-clear images, redefined. The brand-new computational optics and the new-generation Huawei XD Fusion Pro image engine further enhance the image quality and color expression, with distinct levels of detail. Shoot anytime, anywhere, and get ultra- clear blockbusters.

Dark, hidden wonderful. It can also shoot bright and large movies in low-light environments. When the lights come on, the starry sky in the wild, and the dark alleys, you can easily capture the sense of mystery and atmosphere .

Widen the world and open your eyes. The rear ultra-wide-angle camera captures the rolling snow-capped mountains, vast grasslands, and sky-filled sunsets in one mirror. The scenes are clear and spectacular, with rich and delicate colors, and the beautiful moments can be saved with one click.

Get closer and be amazed. 2.5 cm super macro, can support macro zoom magnification 12 , so that the ingenious and precise craftsmanship can be seen at a glance, and the complicated and delicate textures are impressive. Full of texture, amazing .


Near and far , everything is wonderful

Huawei P50E blockbuster texture 1-50 times digital zoom

From near to far, it is clear and immediate. The 12-megapixel periscope high-definition telephoto lens⁠ 13 makes the distant scenery seem to be in front of you. Breakthrough computational optics capabilities for a leap in image clarity. With a zoom range of up to 80x 7 , you can produce clear images no matter how far or near you are .

Steady, accurate, fast

Huawei P50E AIS Pro Super Image Stabilization

Have jitter? Watch it play steadily. The periscope telephoto camera that supports OIS optical image stabilization, combined with AIS Pro super anti-shake, whether it is a small animal leisurely looking for food on the lake, or a wonderful moment on the opposite stage, can be safely captured.

Huawei P50E quick flash

Wonderful moments, one shot at a time. The graceful movement on the ice rink, the cheers of joy, and the funny expressions of surprise can all be easily captured. Quick flash, no regrets.

Primary color portrait , three-dimensional photoshoot

Huawei P50E portrait photography rear portrait 1

Photogenic little secret. The re-evolved rear portrait photography can accurately show the makeup color, truly restore the facial contours, and capture smart eyes and plump and shiny skin.

Huawei P50E portrait photography rear portrait 2
Huawei P50E portrait photography front multi-person selfie
Huawei P50E portrait photography front single selfie

Selfies with details are more dramatic. Front-facing 100° ultra-wide-angle camera 14 , no matter a single person, a group of people, or a photo with the scenery, more exciting, one-shot recording .

Ingenious creation , frequent masterpieces

Huawei P50E records full-focus 4K video

Let a good picture make a good story. The full-focus 4K video makes the picture more layered, and can easily record the moments in daily life and the wonderful experiences of going out to explore.

Huawei P50E AI Elimination Front
Before elimination
Huawei P50E after AI elimination
after elimination

Love to shoot, created by AI. The AI ​​elimination function eliminates small violations in the pure field of vision, making the picture more refreshing.

*The picture is not taken by a mobile phone and is only for functional indication.

Slim appearance
full of strength

Huawei P50E Performance Stereo Dual Speakers

As soon as the show starts , be on the spot

Stereo dual speakers, equipped with the newly upgraded Huawei Histen algorithm, the bass is strong and powerful, the treble is bright and delicate, rebuilding the surround sound field, creating an immersive space experience. Scene-based sound adaptation allows you to be on the scene immediately whether you are watching .

AI heterogeneous communication , smooth experience

Huawei P50E performance four-network synergy dual-network concurrent
Four-network synergy 15 , dual-network concurrent

Intelligent network integration acceleration or optimization, fast download experience.

Huawei P50E performance AI signal prediction
AI signal prediction 16 , smoother video

AI intelligent scheduling is carried out in advance for areas with weak signals, making online videos smoother .

Huawei P50E Performance 66W Huawei Wired Super Fast Charge

Take a break and
recharge with energy

66 W Huawei Wired Super Quick Charge 4 , just need a breakFor a moment, when you pick it up again, it is full of energy.

HarmonyOS 2

(Based on Hongmeng OS)

Smart card interaction , easy device control

Small cards, everything is covered

The brand-new card interaction allows you to enjoy services without opening the app, check the number of steps taken, quickly open notes, and live in Vientiane, directly reaching 17 in one step . The size of the cards can be edited and arranged as you like, and you can design your own personalized desktop.

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