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It means that you didn't pass Klarna's soft check. This is a standard procedure done by an algorithm that scores you within seconds and determines whether you are eligible to pay with Klarna at this time or not.

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The warranty works for 12 months. The device must be shipped to the manufacturer's service from the country of origin (Hong Kong, China, etc.), then the time of accomplishment of such warranty is around 6-12 weeks. If you purchased an additional guarantee this is already implemented in our national service. However, due to the need to import parts needed for repairs, the term may be indicative also around. 5-8 weeks.

Our store has hundreds of satisfied customers - some of their reviews you can check in our store at reviews section or on known portals like Trustpilot. We provide you our website's and company registration data at the footer, so you can easily check it in at the appropriate offices. If you want additional layer of security we recommend using credit card payments.

Of course! Always look forward to when returns to us a satisfied customer. We are happy, we reward your interest in our offer by assigning money reward to almost every sell. Once your order is accomplished and delivered, you can convert these rewards into the discount for next sale.

Our entire product range have a full manufacturer's warranty, complaint process is described on the product cards. Invoice is sent together with the product, it's supplied by the seller of the product. At the end of purchase process, when your order will reach "Accomplished" status you'll be able to download from your account store invoice.

Usually suppliers Hong Kong add an adapter that fits your outlet. Suppliers from China - don't. These kind of adapters are not expensive and should be available in your local electric store.

While we sell only factory-network unlocked devices, they might support different 4G/5G frequencies. We usually list these frequencies in product questions. If not - you may ask us about them. It's wise to compare these frequencies with yours's carrier frequencies to check compatibility of your phone with your carrier. There are also some pages that do this automatically, but please be sure that you choose proper variant of the device to compare. Some devices comes even in 4 or more 4G/5G frequencies variants. Choosing un proper variant for your country sometimes don't have negative effect at all, some devices can be unlocked for more 4G/5G frequencies at your local 3rd party GSM service, and some will just have more poor coverage comparing to proper-variant ones.

Galaxy Note

Modern smartphones are the leaders among the most popular solutions by mobile phone users. The combination of attractive design with a handy pocket computer in work and daily life. Bludiode shop offers the latest smart phones from leading manufacturers. Only with us you can purchase smartphones Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, Huawei, HTC , and many more brands at very attractive prices. Check out our wide range of mobile phones and select the solution tailored to your expectations. We help in the selection of your Smartphone and fly through each order! We invite you to purchase!

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A wide range of GSM phones in the store Bludiode will allow you to choose a solution beneficial to each user. The wide price range will allow the selection of a Smartphone for every budget. In our shop you will find the latest models of touch smartphones created with the best quality materials. Detailed descriptions of theincluded next to each product will allow you to choose your phone as your needs. Individual models differ, inter alia, a type of software and the resolution of the display. Recommend smart phones dual sim, that allow you to use two SIM cards. Modern phones available in our shop allows free browsing on the Internet, take pictures and movie shooting in high-definition. We guarantee that well-chosen Smartphone successfully in a number of activities will replace the desktop computer! Do you have a problem with choosing the perfect gsm phone? Our employees can use your help! Will contact you and find the perfect phone for you.

Galaxy Note :: - make Your world!

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