Bludiode Questions and answers

Please check most common questions about the products in our store. If you are not finding an answer for your question, please come back to the page of the product you are interested, and use button "ask a question" or please login to your account and open new support ticket.

If you see any sort of error like "MissingParameterValue" or "Couldn't process your address" when paying with Amazon Pay, make sure you use same delivery address as the one registered at your amazon Pay. Make also sure that delivery and invoice address match. You may also edit first your address at Amazon if you want us to ship to this address.

In most cases we can ship to your country, you can check the cost after you'll add product of your choice to the cart (no purchase is needed). sells only factory network-unlocked phones

Delivery dates are provided on every product page, below product name. When you'll click the dates, a calendar will appear.

AFTER YOU MAKE AN ORDER: These dates are also available at your customer area -> order history, and with the e-mail with order confirmation.

The price of the product is final, however, there may be costs when crossing the border of your country, depending on the type of declaration you submit. You can ask us for any customs declaration during the cart submission process, you can enter this value in the "Customs declaration" or "Comments" field. However, sometimes Customs will not respect these values so it is a good idea to be prepared to pay the domestic tax when your package arrives.

In EU and UK you are going to pay your country VAT from declared value (ex. 20% in UK) + small clearance fees depending on the delivery method, for details please ask local DHL, Fedex or UPS customs agency.

If you are a European citizen / entity and have an EORI number, you can deduct this tax later.

USA customers/entities do not pay tax.

Dear, this product is factory unlocked, should work in your country. If it's smartphone or have GSM model it might be wise to compare it's LTE/5G frequencies with the LTE/5G frequencies of your network to confirm coverage compatibility (they are listed in the product description). If frequencies aren't listed there, please contact us.

List of the package contents is usually listed at the end of the product description.

The warranty works for 12 months. The device must be shipped to the manufacturer's service from the country of origin (Hong Kong, China, etc.), then the time of accomplishment of such warranty is around 6-12 weeks. If you purchased an additional guarantee this is already implemented in our national service. However, due to the need to import parts needed for repairs, the term may be indicative also around. 5-8 weeks.

Yes, this is Chinese product with Global rom installed, it'll have English language with Google apps. More about specific of Global rom on this device you can check here:

In our website we are selling both devices with Asian only roms that contains only few or even 2 languages (English and Chinese) and devices with multilanguage roms that include all most popular languages. We are including information about this system below the product name. It this information is there, and you are not sure, please check in product questions on product site if somebody didn't asked about it before. If no - please ask us a new question using button "ask a question" on product page.

If your device comes with unmodified rom, it'll have OTA updates. If your device is modified Asian device with multilanguage rom, you'll need to ask our staff if device preserved OTA functionality

If your device comes with unmodified rom, it'll not be rooted, either bootloader unlocked. If your device is modified Asian device with multilanguage rom. Such kind of modification allows use you exotic, more cheap device in your language/country, but it's less secure, especially if it'll be stolen. Also, rooting or bootloader unlocking may disable some functions of banking apps. is not responsible for any data loss due to this fact. 

  • Global (Multilanguage + Google Apps) applied over original
    In this version, you are receiving Asian specific item with applied Global rom on it. Depending on the device, it'll be not having difference between Native Global variant and variant with Global rom installed (except 4G, 5G bands), but on some devices you may be unable to use ex. financial applications that requires device to be locked (ex. Xiaomi)
  • Global (Multilanguage + Google Apps) no OTA- the same as one mentioned upper, but it'll lack OTA update functionality (Update Over the Air)
  • Chinese (English + Chinese languages, possible Google Apps)
    This is pure Asian version of the device, contains 2 languages only, may contain some 3rd party Chinese apps that can be un-installed after. In most of the scenarios, you can install Google Apps on it without any problem. In some scenarios, installation is possible but not easy (ex. Huawei)
  • Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
    This is pure Asian version of the device, contains some international languages to choose unlocked by producer.  In most of the scenarios, you can install Google Apps on it without any problem.
  • Global NATIVE version
    This is Global installed by device producer version, will have many languages (it depends on the device how many) and should have natively installed Google Apps. B

This question is not that simple, and answer on it changes with the time and device you are asking about, so it's best to ask about concrete device using contact form on product page "ask a question"

Overall answer is:
For most of the Global rom devices like Asus, Oneplus, Nubia, Motorola everything should work fine - for some - Xiaomi - not everything. Financial applications can not fully work on Xiaomi, as they require device to be locked. Due to the Global rom installation process, Xiaomi devices need to be unlocked first. Applications like Google Pay will detect that device is unlocked. You may still apply patch to make such applications work after unlocking, but it requires some technical knowledge - we can sent you manual for most popular applications. Another way to get financial applications work is revert your device to it's original rom.

Usually suppliers Hong Kong add an adapter that fits your outlet. Suppliers from China - don't. These kind of adapters are not expensive and should be available in your local electric store.

Our entire product range have a full manufacturer's warranty, complaint process is described on the product cards. Invoice is sent together with the product, it's supplied by the seller of the product. At the end of purchase process, when your order will reach "Accomplished" status you'll be able to download from your account store invoice.

Our store has hundreds of satisfied customers - some of their reviews you can check in our store at reviews section or on known portals like Trustpilot. We provide you our website's and company registration data at the footer, so you can easily check it in at the appropriate offices. If you want additional layer of security we recommend using credit card payments.