Xiaomi SU7 Verdant Green

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Product description

Refined Exterior

As a C-class luxury technology sedan, the proportions of Xiaomi SU7 meet the golden ratio, including wheel-to-axel, wheel height, and height-to-width aspect ratios. From the side the contours are elegant and from the front, the low-lying stance delivers full impact. On the front and sides, the body's curves are smooth and full, coordinating perfectly with an extremely tensile wheel design. At the rear, a unique compact ducktail spoiler and halo taillight design are highly recognizable.

Good design is not just for beauty, but also for the drive. With continuous polishing to every detail of the design, Xiaomi SU7 achieves an extra low drag coefficient of 0.195.

Rich Color Selections

At the Xiaomi EV Technology Launch at the end of last year, we released 3 colors for Xiaomi SU7: Aqua Blue, Verdant Green, and Mineral Gray, which proved popular with many Mi fans.

This time, we're releasing 6 more colors, including Meteor Blue: A very soft light blue, fresh looking, peaceful, and relaxing. Radiant Purple: Romantic, dreamy, gentle, and even more radiant. Basalt Gray: A blue-gray metallic finish for a low-key, premium look. Lava Orange: A high-saturation color that's full of passion and vitality and looks fantastic. Pearl White: Added pearl powder gives a three-dimensional, highly-attractive luster. Diamond Black: An extraordinary black with a touch of deep blue.

9ef03b10278d15a81f7755f5fa558d35 Large.jpeg

The interior also has four tasteful and beautiful colors to choose from: Galaxy Gray, Twilight Red, Mist Purple, and Obsidian Black.

4cf5a0fc382d441ef78a6ecace9bc9e4 (1) Large.jpeg

Comfortable and Smart Interior

The steering wheel, seats, instrument panel, and HUD in Xiaomi SU7 are arranged symmetrically around the central axis. The dashboard display greets you as you start the car, while the tri-spoke D-shaped steering wheel feels comfortable in your hands. There are two physical buttons on the steering wheel, one turns on smart driving and the other enables Boost mode for a convenient shortcut. Driving information on the expansive HUD is also clear at a glance.

48812bf3e63c7caa3396bdc533094a19 (1) Large.jpeg

Unmatched Performance

EVs with both quick acceleration and high top speed are rare, but Xiaomi SU7 excels in both.

Not only that, it can accelerate from 0 to 200km/h in just 10.67 seconds.23824df33ca21cefd021aeef668c965d Large.jpeg

Premium ride quality isn't just about power, it's also important how quickly that power responds. All Xiaomi SU7 models are equipped with silicon carbide as standard, no expense spared. The entire series is equipped with silicon carbide controls, chargers, and compressors with a peak efficiency of 99.6%.


Xiaomi SU7 Max lets you get back on the road with an incredible 510 kilometers of range after just 15 minutes of charging.

Even the standard Xiaomi SU7 isn't far behind, offering a 350-kilometer range boost in the same timeframe.


More Options

Xiaomi SU7 provides two sets of Xiaomi Pilot options: Pro and Max. Both options are self-developed using completely homogenous technology. For example, incorporating the same 11-camera combination and NVIDIA DRIVE Orin computing platform with full-stack self-developed algorithms allows different versions of cars to enjoy our latest advancements, delivering a better experience.


Xiaomi SU7 also offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to create a driving mode that perfectly suits you.


Smart Cabin Technology — Human x Car x Home

Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with a 16.1 inch, 3K ultra-clear central control screen, a large 56-inch HUD, and a rotating dashboard for a welcoming ceremony every time you start up. In addition, Xiaomi tablets can be connected externally as an ecological expansion screen, creating 5-screen linkage within the car.

In terms of hardware integration, Xiaomi SU7 supports over 1000 Xiaomi smart home devices for effortless integration with the vehicle, enabling automatic discovery, password-free access, and the ability to set up automation scenarios, creating a robust CarIoT ecosystem. The car interior also has dedicated pin-point expansion connections, supporting plug-and-play functionality for a wide range of devices. To meet the needs of users, Xiaomi EV fully supports CarPlay, the mounting of iPads and iPad accessories, and applications on the rear extension mount.

Xiaomi's Human x Car x Home ecosystem connects all smart terminals together like never before. The seamless interconnection and coordinated capabilities allow everyone to experience a smart life everywhere, while Xiaomi HyperOS ensures a seamless and smooth experience.


Safety First

Safety is an essential part of Xiaomi SU7. This car features our steel-aluminum alloy armored cage for unmatched protection.

Every Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with 16 active safety configurations, providing 360° protection from front, rear, left, and right to give you complete peace of mind on the road.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Xiaomi EV factory sets standards for sustainability, fully taking into account carbon emissions and the use of renewable energy from the very start of construction. Our EV factory boasts a solar roof generating 16.4M kWh of clean energy annually and 99% efficiency in exhaust gas treatment, achieving "zero" heavy metal into waste water emissions.


Model2024 Xiaomi SU7 700KM2024 Xiaomi SU7 Pro 830KM2024 Xiaomi SU7 Max 800KM
Manufacturing placeChinaChinaChina
Vehicle typesedansedansedan
Main driving positionleftleftleft
Body structure4-door 5-seat4-door 5-seat4-door 5-seat
Length, width, height(mm)4997x1963x14554997x1963x14554997x1963x1440
curb weight(KG)198020902205
Maximum loaded mass(KG)243025402655
Power typeEVEVEV
Maximum horsepower(Ps)299299673
Maximum torque(N.m)400400838
Drive modeRRRR4WD
Number of motorsSingle motorSingle motorDual motor
Electromagnetic typeLFPLFPNCM
Battery capacity(KWH)73.694.3101
Charging time(hour)---
Fast charging time(hour)0.420.50.32
Fast charging capacity80%80%80%
Change batteries///
gearboxFixed gear ratio transmissionFixed gear ratio transmissionFixed gear ratio transmission
Front suspension systemDouble wishbone independent suspensionDouble wishbone independent suspensionDouble wishbone independent suspension
Rear suspension typeMulti-link suspensionMulti-link suspensionMulti-link suspension


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