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Xperia XZ3 - Sony finally used his camera properly?

Xperia XZ3 - Sony finally used his camera properly?

Sony is the main producer smartphone camera sensors. Award winning phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC - every of those producers are using Sony's sensor and they do it just right! Their smartphones making good photos in every light condition and can be used as exchange digital camera. Unfortunately producer of the sensors is also producing smartphones - but those never can really be competition to mentioned above? Why? This we don't know...

But fortunately from Sony XZ2 Premium times something started to change, this model can be competition to the others flagship smartphones when it comes to photo quality. XZ3 is the continuing of new Sony's approach. It's not only beautiful and fast smartphone, but it also have good quality camera, that can record 4K HDR photos. On HDR ready display, this could really make a difference.

If you were using Sony smartphones in the past, and you did like it, you have to check XZ3! If you are not the fan of the sony, you can just see description.

BTW. We got 6GB of RAM version, not like others - mostly 4GB

Sony Xperia XZ3 in

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