iPhone 15 Series with Dual Sim

If you travel or use your smartphone for business physical Dual Sim models are best choice.

Use 2 independent sim cards in 1 iPhone with full software support.

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Thanks to the constant updates Bludiode.com done to our catalogue every day, you are always sure you'll get your product in best price and latest availability. When you add product to the card, and make your payment our team verifies validity of your order. Then we sent your order to our supplier who process it, and prepare parcel to you.

Bludiode.com exist on the market since 2014. We are mobile device enthusiast, we know our inventory, and we can give you advice you may need. We are not limited to one brand, as we offer mobile devices of most of the leading brands. There are no hidden fees at our website, but you must remember product sent from abroad might be subject to the tax, depending on the country you order to.

We offer safe card payments and AmazonPay on most of the markets. Our products are brand new, never used. Most of them have at least 12 months warranty, with free extension up to 24 months. We serve you not only during sales, but also after - we do want your device serve you well, and be repaired in case of the malfunction. Our store has been constructed in the way able to provide you best price without going out of the home.

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